Cereus flag

Political Information
Classification Presidential republic
Currency IU Banknote
Demonym Cerean
National Animal Cerean Horse
National Language(s)


Capital City Delzayia
Leader Vaclava Reshanel
GDP $578 billion (as of 2085)  
National Religion  N/A
Geographical Description
Horizontal width 949.5 km
Vertical length 2,104.5 km
Total area 973,646.4 sq. km
Continent Isteroxe
Borders Dagio, East Roulasvia, Eulumia, Khuigyra, Sanburim, Trinitas
Oceanic Coasts Crims' Expanse
Biomes Jungle, grasslands, mountains
Population c. 95.5 million (as of 2085)
Miscellaneous Information
Motto "The hand of Fate shields Us."
Drives on the Right
Time zone (UTC+6 to +7)
Calling code +24
Member of

Atonement of Harmony

The Republic of Cereus is a nation on the continent of Isteroxe, and the largest in the region of Asmaron.