Cesieteos Flag (New)

Political Information
Classification Totalitarian democracy
Currency Pecunia
Demonym Cesian
National Animal Frilled-necked lizard
National Language(s) •Latin (Primary)

•Mor Friivish (Secondary)

Capital City Modrein Exe
Largest City Caesarea
Leader Dux Natalia Quinton
National Religion Theoavarism
Geographical Description
Continent Baecca
Borders Domi Concordia, Kasta, Moira, Mornam, Qascua, Vadrea
Oceanic coasts Hyperbean Ocean
Biomes Desert, grasslands, mountains, forests
Population c. 56.2 million (as of 2085)
Miscellaneous Information
Motto "We are a voice, not an echo."
Drives on the Left
Time zone (UTC-5 to -6)
Calling code +606

Member of

•Atonement of Harmony

•Capitalist Sanction

•Meristeppe Accordance of Solidarity

Cesieteos is a nation on the continent of Baecca. The nation was founded in 2001 after a revolution led by Jonathan Aldridge in 1996, when the then-general led eastern-Vadrea to independence. 

coup d'état in 2024 headed by Julius Quinton removed President Aldridge and several other high ranking military personnel from power. Julius Quinton appointed himself the new President of Cesieteos, however later was succeeded by his son, Elias, after a failed assassination attempt left him paralyzed.

After the death of Elias Quinton, the nation was left without a leader. A brief civil war took place, with the two opposing sides fighting for the presidency. The war ended in Natalia Quinton's victory, with her taking the title.

After the Android War, Cesieteos formed an alliance, the Meristeppe Accordance of Solidarity, with multiple Meristeppic nations in 2117.


Cesian War for Independence

Main article: Cesian War for Independence The Cesian War for Independence began in 1996, lasting until 2001. Jonathan Aldridge led the oppressed people of eastern Vadrea to a victory against their unfitting leader, Bobby Zunwait. The war was originally a plan to gain complete control of Vadrea, and even expand into other Meristeppic nations, but the far-fetched idea never came into fruition.

With the war over, many of eastern Vadrea's states collected to form Cesieteos. A few of Vadrea's territories also joined in the formation of Cesieteos, abandoning Bobby's damaged regime. The nation flourished as more and more land joined the new nation.

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