Possible Cirraine

Political Information
Classification Constitutional republic
Currency Harbian Credit, IU Banknote, most other major currencies
National Language(s) None
National Religion N/A
Geographical Description
Continent Isteroxe
Borders Espinthela
Oceanic coasts Dracohr Ocean
Population est. 23.4 million (as of 2085)
Miscellaneous Information
Drives on the Right
Time zone (UTC+7)
Calling code +3
Member of

Atonement of Harmony

The City of Cirraine -- also known as Cirraine Harbor and simply Cirraine -- is a city-state and one of the busiest and largest port cities on Junope. It is built along a semi-artificial bay constructed by Eularbia in the early 1800s. Its original purpose was to be a massive shipbuilding location, but this was changed as it became clear how valuable a trade point Cirraine could become. It was mainly constructed by a young Harbitros North Engineering, with the help of several smaller fringe companies and the overall government of Eularbia. Cirraine was then outfitted with two large forts -- Sawin (named after the founder of Harbitros North Engineering) and Thantarum -- on both sides of the bay's opening. After Eularbia broke in half, the United Soviette Republics took control of Cirraine Harbour and limited trade to allied or approved nations. However, when Communism failed in 1991, Cirraine became an independent city-state and allowed trade globally.

In the 2050s, Cirraine began to experience a gradual downturn in economic activity due to the ramifications of the Machinish Civil War and  changes in the economic policies of the Isteroxean Union. After a large volcano erupted in Jelunia, and the 2083 Cascade of Terror, Cirraine entered an economic depression.