Demesne of Clairedank

Clairedank Demesne Flag

Political Information
Demesnehood Hallowtempora IX, 1805
Nickname Prairie Demesne, Big Lanura
Official language(s) Mor Friivish
Demonym Clairian
Capital City Ragsford
Largest City Kassady
Geographical Description
Borders Austona, Farraday, Klampton, Lupton, New Sarasa, North Contoure, Shrinehill, Winsch
Population 75,654,750 (est. 2085)
Miscellaneous Information
Motto "Free of tyranny."
Arbiter Luis Martin (2085)

•John Appleson (2084)

•Mackenzie Arthur (2084)

•Jack Ashton (2082)

Abbreviation CL
Website www.clairedank.cor/

The Demesne of Clairedank is located on western Avarice, encompassing a large portion of the Grande Lanura -- a massive great plains region of Harbitros. It was geographically, historically, and culturally significant to the Eularbian Frontier, and its frontier spirit still influences its modern politics and society.

Insignia of Demesne

  • Demesne Mammal: Harbian Buffalo
  • Demesne Bird: Lanura Hawk
  • Demesne Fish: Thompson Catfish
  • Demesne Cryptid: Clairedank Woodwhacker
  • Demesne Plant: Grass
  • Demesne Insect: Weevil
  • Demesne Beverage: Black Coffee
  • Demesne Mineral: Coal

Top 5 Most Populous Cities

  1. Kassady (c. 1.97 million)
  2. Thompson Lake City (c. 1.5 million)
  3. Ragsford (c. 1.23 million)
  4. Scornity (c. 783,500)
  5.  Farmoure (c. 460,400)

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