Cold War
Eularbian Cold War

1940s Harbian Fusillade of Azium, Drushian Civil War, First Drushian War, Concordian-Govindan War, Vaeulian Secession from the USR, Second Drushian War, Western Gahnia War, Gadidan Border Crisis, First Gahnian Civil War, Second Gahnian Civil War, The War in Olfros




Global, particularly in

  • Isteroxe
  • Weiosaya
  • Azium
  • Zocuric Islands
  • Southern Baecca
  • Aphrostan
  • Avarice
  • Soviette Republics collapses
  • The nations of Isteroxe are reinstated
  • Communism falls globally
  • The Corporatocracy of Harbitros achieves superpower status
  • Drushia is divided
  • Millions of civilians were killed via genocide
  • Aphrostan is thrown into complete chaos

The Capitalist Sanction

  • Harbitros
  • Domi Concordia
  • Vorennta
  • Gecko
  • San Locura
  • South Drushia
  • Tierra del Sador
  • New Vaeulia
  • Oreypt
  • Caesus
  • Frenoire
  • Suchaz
  • Tieuxberia
  • Mishkah
  • Lishta Azia
  • Jim
  • Zenesia


  • Aphroid Anti-Communist League
  • Darbicus' Resistance Junta

The United Soviette Republics


  • Machinam
  • Cadarus
  • Govinda
  • Gahnia
  • Tutu
  • Olfros
  • Zujan
  • Watanda
  • Alberya
  • Darresht
  • Sanamar
  • Saalein
  • North Drushia
  • Virgil Ekaj
  • Strebor Ekaj
  • Jonah Miller
  • Susanna Villard
  • Xavier Pendat
  • Elijah Cursch
  • Donald Rel Dey
  • Kilroy Cooper
  • Riley Schultz
  • Golgoun
  • Darga the Butcher
  • Darbicus
  • Tyrone Kershki
  • Theresa Vargarette
  • Victor Strantin
  • Fausto Vita
  • Ascan Reylles
  • Nicole Gressua
  • Jackal Bonnet
  • Sully Varmint
  • Jakab Beltheszarr
  • Natalia Scavuzzo
  • Son Yung
  • Ganya Qedusizi
  • Sanele Umzuzu
  • Kgomotso
  • Rilo SheShane
  • Pol Doi
  • Seru Tee
The Cold War -- also referred to as the First Cold War, Cold War I, and Eularbian Cold War -- was an era that spanned approximately 50 years in which the United Soviette Republics and the Corporatocracy of Harbitros spread capitalism and communism throughout Junope, competing for superpower status. Many people during the Cold War feared that the competition between the two powers would spark atomic war.

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