College of Glossarium


Motto "Fabri de Creators."
Established 1808
Type Private – Arts
Academic staff 7,178
Students c. 27,750
Location Winterholme, Mezzom, Harbitros
Sports 25 sport varsity teams
Nickname Glossarium, Winterholme University

The College of Glossarium is a large college in Mezzom, Harbitros. It was founded in the early 1800s, just years after its homedemesne's establishment. The main role of the College of Glossarium is to provide one of the widest variety of higher-education to the arts, such as: writing, acting, film, painting, videogame developing, photography, dance, sculpting, pantomime, gymnastics, fashion, poetry, et cetera. 

The university also allows students from a whitelist of nations to enroll into various courses. Among these nations are Eulumia, Espinthela, Domi Concordia, and New Vaeulia

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