Harbitros' colonization of the Moon was the Corporatocracy of Harbitros' long-term efforts to terraform, colonize, and populate the Moon. The first steps to colonizing the Moon were taken in 2049, when Harbian billionaire and entrepreneur Ronald Varlynne promoted the idea of Harbitros claiming Junope's Moon. The idea became increasingly popular until 2052, when the Corporatocracy -- along with various major corporatoins -- initiated the Moon Betterment Project (MBP). The MBP was a long-term plan to terraform the surface of the Moon enough to be hospitable to humans, such as by creating an atmosphere of oxygen around the Moon. 

Lunar Base 1

A landing and surveying facility on the Moon, 2085

From the 2050s through the 2080s, several new space-capable vehicles were developed and mass-produced to be used by the various corporations contributing to the Moon Betterment Project. By 2085, several permanent facilities were constructed on the surface of the Moon. Their purposes varied based on location, but most were mainly intended to be safe landing areas for spaceships moving to and fro the Moon. A special facility, Aeros I, was constructed to aid in creating a permanent atmosphere. with The Varlynne Mining Corporation planned on several largescale mining sites on the Moon, but have not been able to construct them with its current state. 

In 2090, the first major moon port was constructed in the midst of Maria Serendipia -- the Serendipity Moon Port. Several other moon ports were constructed from 2090 into the 2110s. The next major advancement in the colonization of the Moon was the establishment of the Predessa moon colony, which had become the first permanent settlement for Moon colonists. 

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