Concord Guns, Inc.

Concord Guns

Basic Information
Type International corporation



Founded Hallowtempora III, 1932
Founder Andy Scheizer
Headquarters Vinylla City, Domi Concordia
Area served Worldwide
Key individuals

•Rob Scheizer (President and temporary CEO)

•Terrence Xavier (former CEO; deceased)

•Alan Myers (Chairman)

Products Firearms, ammunition
Revenue c. $7.5 billion (as of 2085)
Number of employees 4,206 (as of 2085)

Concord Guns, Inc. is one of the most prominent firearm manufacturing companies in Domi Concordia. They make a wide variety of firearms and ammunitions, including many of the firearms used by the Concordian Armed Forces, including the current service pistol NC-1945 and the service rifle TX REO.

  • AS-42, invented in 1942
  • NC-1945, invented in 1945
  • TAD, invented in 1946
  • Wyvernsnov Sniper Rifle, invented in 1951
  • EV-2 Machine Gun, invented in 1956
  • TX REO, invented in 1957
  • AS-64, invented in 1964
  • TX C89, invented in 1989
  • GREGA-14, invented in 1994
  • TX Rasanna, invented in 2018
  • TX Two-six, invented in 2023

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