Concordian Armed Forces

Concordian Soldiers3

General Information
Service Branches

•Concordian Armati

•Concordian Paracorps

•Concordian Navy

•Concordian Air Forces

•Concordian Law Enforcement Division

•Concordian Occupational Forces

Headquarters Vaella, Vinylla City, Domi Concordia
Motto "From the Cradle of War."
Budget $8.3 trillion (as of 2085)
Embattled Governess Viktoria Dunwall-Smythe (2075-)
Defense Marshal Chandler Terobain (2040-2056)

Rick Cesmyn (2056-)

Grand General Laezander Smythe (2040-)
Operations Manager Jack Sheldon (2042-2063)

Robert Marshall (2063-)

Military age 17 for voluntary service, 20 for compulsory service. Maximum age for enlistment is 55 for the Concordian Military, 35 for the Concordian Paracorps, 40 for the Concordian Navy, 30 for the Concordian Air Force, and 60 for the Concordian Law Enforcement Division.
Active personnel 59,284,291
Reserve personnel 5,791,022

•Concordian War for Independence (1746)

•The Concordian Annexation of Convolusia (1757)

•The Concordian Occupation of Aphrostan (1757)

•Concordian-Carbiinzyne War (1821)

•Aphrostan Revolution (1904)

•Aphrostan Occupation Campaigns (1952-1966)

•The Second Gahnian Civil War (1985-1994)

•The War in Olfros (1992-2000)

•Bohtani War (1999-2002)

•Invasion of Yappul (2019-2020)

•Tullic Wars in Aphrostan (2025-2031)

•Operation Cleanse (2028)

•Concordian-Drushian War (2038)

•The Invasion of Weiosaya (2039)

•Campaign Against the Covenant (2040)

•Operation Deface & Revive (2040)

The Concordian Armed Forces is the largest military on Junope, being composed of over 59 million active soldiers, though the majority of them serve as police, security, and coastguards.

Personnel and Equipment



  • Concordian CLED
  • Concordian Counterterrorism Special Operatives
  • Concordian Counterterrorism Special Operatives
  • Concordian soldiers walking with Harbian Legionnaires discussing the Global War on Terror
  • Concordian commando in experimental armour



Perdial Voxi


  • LV-C2 Salaegyra
  • PV-B5 Manslayer
  • PV-B9 Hecleric Serbeua

Weapon Systems


  • Kinetic Bombardment system
  • Vigil-D3 Cognizant Protocol Unit



  • NC-1945, Concordia's service pistol since 1945
  • TX REO, the service rifle of Concordia
  • TX Two-siX
  • TX C89
  • Elcros OPD-43
  • Bumbleboom
  • Wyvernsnov
  • AS-42
  • AS-64
  • BENN Chariot
  • CB R-Gun
  • GREGA 14
  • EV-2 Machine Gun
  • TAD
  • TX Rasanna
  • Prolsa Edgedraw
  • Incapacitator UD-1
  • CHIPP-3

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