The Concordian Occupation of Jayrspa was a military occupation carried out by the Stratocracy of Domi Concordia of the Isteroxean region of Jayrspa, after the events of Operation Black Deluge and the Battle of Tranche Island. After Embattled Governess Viktoria Dunwall-Smythe noticed that the Corporatocracy of Harbitros had not covered any of the Jayrspan nations in their own occupation, she commanded Mathias Norquist and the Concordian Occupational Forces to occupy the region, in order to spread Concordia's influence to the continent of Isteroxe.

Whereas most of the occupation was centralized on Jelunia and its cities, the COF personnel also were designated to Jaulabohr Jerska, Jausterland, and Jerundusia. All of these nationstates, save for the Communist State of Jerundusia, welcomed the Concordian occupants. Riots broke out in Jerundusia in opposition to the Concordians, but were quickly broken and quelled.

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