DCS Morsus De Superbia in Suchese waters

The Concordian Occupation of Suchaz was a massive military endeavour carried out by the Stratocracy of Domi Concordia. Several days after the capture of Reuben Kale during the War Against the Dominion, Alexander Dunwall ordered occupational forces to further secure the invaded nation and create order. However, as so many reserve personnel were sent to the occupation of Azium, it was clear that the makeshift occupational forces needed more order and hierarchy to them. On Baey XX, 2062 -- a year after the Suchaz Crisis had ended -- the Concordian Armed Forces founded a new military branch: the Concordian Occupational Forces. Mathias Norquist, who had previously been the superior of the Paracorps Branch, agreed to become the head of this new branch of the Stratocracy. DCS Morsus De Superbia, which had previously been used as Domi Concordia's capital ship, was repurposed to be the mobile command center for the Concordian Occupational Forces. Harbian Eclipse operative Octavia Denova later boarded DCS Morsus De Superbia and has retained a presence overseeing the occupation of Suchaz.

Concordian occupants raiding a resistance safehouse


Octavia Denova visiting DCS Morsus De Superbia

During the first few years of the occupation, Suchese civilians attempted to violently revolt and riot -- but all attempts at a new fracas were quelled by the Occupational Forces. Similar to what the Concordians had done in Azium, troublemakers and others who dissented against the occupation were forced to wear colourful jumpsuits that conveyed how dangerous or troublesome they are. The capital city of Fha Izeo, which was a cultural landmark and full of priceless cultural heirlooms and artifacts, was turned into a Concordian operations centre. Half of the relics within its walls were either put into storage, stolen by occupants who wanted them, or sold at secret auctions to wealthy individuals from abroad. The occupation also suppressed Suchese civilians from publically appreciating their culture.

Occupational forces handing a Suchese family their weekly rations

From 2066 and onward, Mathias Norquist gave clearance to foreign companies who had desperately wanted to mine Suchaz's wilderness for oil, gold, and other valuable resources. Frofem stalkers were also captured en masse, which quickly depleted large portions of their population. Due to the tight grip of the occupation and the sudden hault of militarizationi six years prior, the Suchese economic had entered a second depression -- which only affected the citizens. To ensure no one starved, the occupation gave all citizens weekly rations.

In 2073, the occupation of Suchaz effectively ended after national crime rates had been downgraded to below 3%. The economy in Suchaz also had become stabilized and the need for food rations had erased itself under the occupation's forced economy boost. From Brezniik to Penulber, the Concordian Occupational Forces slowly moved out of Suchaz.

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