The Concordian War for Independence was a large-scale revolution-driven war by the denizens of the geopolitical region of Concord against the Kingdom of Zeiifunder.

Concordian War for Independence

Concordian-Zeiifundite Conflicts




Eastern mainland Baecca, particularly Concord

  • Decisive Concordian victory
  • Domi Concordia is founded as a sovereign nation
  • Zeiifunder is heavily crippled in influence and power
  • Theoavarist Exodus to Harbitros (indirectly)

Concordian rebels

Kingdom of Zeiifunder

  • Christopher Freeman
  • Quentin Arkeise
  • Hugo Feller
  • Eric McCormick
  • Clayton DesMulle
  • Harper Williams
  • Jerrod
  • Tomas O'Skella
  • Gregor Schnitt

Concordian rebels

  • est. 71,750 infantrymen
  • 9 war vessels

Royal Forces of Zeiifunder

  • est. 120,000 infantrymen
  • 50 war vessels
  • est. 24,000
  • est. 71,500

The War

The Concordian War for Independence began in the summer of 1739, when a squadron of Zeiifundite soldiers massacred a family, due to false information regarding the family's home of being a meeting for subversive rebels. The murder sparked mass outrage throughout the demesne and geopolitical region of Concord, and within the week of the family's death a large battle had broken out in Vinylla City, leaving 40 Zeiifundite soldiers and 34 Concordian rebels dead. In late 1745, Christopher Freeman and other revolutionary leaders drafted a charter to declare their official independence from the Kingdom of Zeiifunder and sent it to King Jerrod. The war officially ended on Baey XXII, 1746, when the Kingdom of Zeiifunder signed a treaty with the Concordian rebels, allowing them to officially secede without interference. The nation of Domi Concordia was then founded and quickly expanded its borders in land previously held by Zeiifunder, but lost due to its defeat in the war. 


Prior to 1739, King Jerrod had put immense stress on the denizens of Concord, constantly driving wars through their region and then taxing them to pay for said wars. In 1736, Christopher Freeman -- a blacksmith, former military commander, and an inventor -- held a secret meeting with other influential minds and personalities among Concordians, such as Quintin Arkeise, Hugo Feller, and Clayton DesMulle, to plan sabotages and subversive activity in order to try and loosen the grip of Zeiifunder's tyrannical presence in the region. However, the massacre in 1739 took them all by surprise, and caused an immediate reaction via war and battle. 

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