Consiglio di Bravata

Board of Bravado

General Information
Founded c. 1947
Founded by Luciano "Lefty Luke" Ludovici
Founding location Raleigh, Asturica, Harbitros
Territory Raleigh, Vn. Loyter, Las Esperanza, Vice Ridge, Royal Royce, Palm Shores, Providence, New Auclaire,  and many other major cities in Harbitros; Zocuric Ocean
Membership 13 families hold seats, 25+ families represented by members of the Principali Tredici

The Consiglio di Bravata (Board of Bravado in Mor Friivish), also known as the Don Council and the Mafia Council, is the governing body of the Harbian Mafia and all of its affiliates. It was founded sometime around 1947, after the events of the First Mafia War. It was founded by Luciano "Lefty Luke" Ludovici and the seven largest and most powerful Mafia families -- the Principali Sette. As the Harbian Mafia evolved, several more powerful and prominent families joined the Council, thus eventually becoming the Principali Tredici. Many smaller families and affiliates are represented by these 13 families.

The Principali Tredici

The Consiglio di Bravata has 13 council spaces, each filled by a major Mafia family.

  1. Ludovici Family, Raleigh
  2. Coglianese Family, Raleigh
  3. Aversa Family, Raleigh
  4. Costello Family, Vice Ridge
  5. Civitarese Family, Vice Ridge
  6. Baridesto Family, Palm Shores
  7. Richezza Family, New Auclaire
  8. Pasoloca Mafia, Las Esperanza
  9. Belcastro Family, Royal Royce
  10. Trombino Family, Raleigh
  11. Providence Outfit, Providence
  12. Azzardo Family, Vice Ridge
  13. De Sarro Family, Raleigh

Zocuric Ocean

Since the 2020s, the Harbian Mafia has had a significant presence and role in the Zocuric Ocean's criminal underworld. The Harbian Mafia is most notably in Machinam's, Domi Concordia's, Vorennta's, and the Convulic island nations' underworlds. The Consiglio di Bravata administrates the actions and businesses of the Harbian Mafia's Zocuric Ocean presence. The Ludovici, Coglianese, Aversa, Baridesto, Richezza, Trombino families, and the Pasoloca Mafia are the members of the Principali Tredici that administrate and run most of the Mafia activities in the Zocuric Ocean. Many affiliated criminal organizations and mafias do their business at the discretion of these members and the Council.

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