Covetcon Logo

Basic Information
Date From Junith XXV to Quintillitus XI (2 weeks)
Genre Multi-genre (including various technologies, multimedia, etc.)
Location Royal Royce, West Psaunder, Harbitros
Venue Royal Royce Convention Centre
Inaugurated 1956
Attendance est. 3.2 million in 2085
Organized by The Corporatocracy of Harbitros

Covetcon is a convention hosted by the Corporatocracy of Harbitros in Royal Royce annually. The convention is active from Junith XXV to Quintillitus XI, where it showcases and displays new or upcoming technology, multimedia entertainment, and other products. Covetcon was first launched in 1956 as a way to globally boost the hype surrounding capitalism by promoting technological innovation by showcasing it in a public convention. Since then, many companies -- mostly Harbian -- have exhibited their newest products, such as video games, music, technology, toys, movies, fashion, and accessories. 

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