Demesne of Culberne

Fiskule Flag

Political Information
Demesnehood Junith III, 1765
Nickname The Nocturnal Demesne, Pine Demesne, Pitchground
Official language(s) Mor Friivish
Demonym Culbernian
Capital City Ostlyn
Largest City Ostlyn
Geographical Description
Borders Auldcrest, New Kertas, Sunderras, Vahlhurst
Population 95,632,860 (est. 2085)
Miscellaneous Information
Motto "Choice is a crop in surplus."
Arbiter Jesse Jarvis (since 2075)

•Blaine Sherriden (since 2084)

•Lewis Tennesley (since 2084)

•Jonah Vanderbilt (since 2076)

Abbreviation CB
Website www.culberne.cor/

The Demesne of Culberne is the fourth demesne to be admitted into the Corporatocracy of Harbitros, and once was the capital demesne, as its city -- Ostlyn -- was the previous capital of the nation.  Besides it being one of the five first demesnes of Harbitros, Culberne also contains the majority of the Moonpine Forest -- a world-famous forest renowned for its unsettling and ominous appearance -- and part of the Great Bumblelands.

Insignia of Demesne

  • Demesne Mammal: White-winged Vampire Bat
  • Demesne Bird: Screech owl
  • Demesne Fish: Mystus
  • Demesne Cryptid: Werewolf
  • Demesne Plant: Moonpine
  • Demesne Insect: Poodle moth
  • Demesne Beverage: Apple Cider
  • Demesne Mineral: Moonstone

Top 5 Most Populous Cities

  1. Ostlyn (c. 12.57 million)
  2. Arcague (c. 8.3 million)
  3. Coven City (c. 6.7 million)
  4. Hallowswalk (c. 3.38 million)
  5. Covermire (c. 1.8 million)

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