Culture of Harbitros

Alt Harbitros Flag2

History Exodus from Zeiifunder, Eularbian Golden Age, Edwardian era, Eularbian frontier, Great Harbian Depression, Cold War, Data Age, Global War on Terror, Cyber Age, the Singularity, Mercenary Wars, Space era, Nano Age
Languages Mor Friivish, Larush, Latin
Folklore Ghosts, Jack Harvest, Clockwork Vagabond, Big Henry, Gilded Crusader, Kertas Devil, werewolves, Stranger, Man in the Woods, Gator Boys, Shoremen of Lake Endent
Cuisine Pizza, hot wings, hot dogs, flan, ice cream, milkshakes, mashed potatoes and gravy, roasted lobster, cookies, cakes, biscuits, soda beverages, cheesecake, grilled cheese, hamburgers
Festivals Threshold Anew, Day of Hearts, Vn. Regustick's Day, Mardi Gras, Easter, Boxes & Crates Day, Aeo Fools', Junope Day, Zircon Exodus, Avarice Day, Covetcon, Diligence Day, Founders' Day, Lunarsoul, Laurels Day, Yester's Morrow, Hallow's Eve, All Vanarch Day, 12/20, Yule, New Year's Eve, Truance
Religion Theoavarism, Fatalism
Art Exodulian, Eularbian realism, Eularbian abstract expressionalism, Edwardian romanticism and gothic, Divergial renaissance, Harbian contemporary, Harbian futurist, Harbian retrofuturist
Fashion Dress shirt, dress vest, tuxedo, top hat, bowler hat, fedoras, stetson, duster coat, trench coat, blouse, polo shirt, bowling shirt, golf shirt, turtleneck, sweater, sweater vest, halterneck, T-shirt, dress pants, shorts, jeans, highrise, gown, sundress, dress, ties, bowtie, leather jacket, ulster coat, overcoat, sunglasses, scarf
Literature Exodulian poetry, modernist poetry, Dianian romanticism, Edwardian fiction, science fiction, fantasy, divergial fiction, Harbian classics, comic books, Harbian contemporary, retrofuturist
Music Classical, folk, country, jazz, bluegrass, rock, pop, southern gothic, ska
Media Radio, television, cinema, newspapers, magazines, internet, video games, holographic projections
Sport Bowling, golf, tennis, volleyball, soccer, fencing, shooting, archery, boxing, martial arts, baseball

The culture of Harbitros is primarily Western, but is partially influenced by Baeccan-Eastern culture. The culture of Harbitros, when it was first founded in 1765, was largely Theoavarist -- as the founders of the nation were pilgrimaging Theoavarists from the Kingdom of Zeiifunder. However, quickly the Harbians began to formulate their own cultures and traditions. In the 1790s, Harbitros and the Eulumia converged to form a commonwealth by name of Eularbia. After this conjoining, a lot of Isteroxian -- primarily Larusian -- culture began to shape Harbitros. In 1919, Eularbia diverged back intso its predecessors and consequently caused Harbitros' economy to go into a deep depression, causing the nation to isolate itself abroad. This a strengthening of its current culture, as well as expansion of it. In the Cold War, Harbitros further expanding its culture -- and shaping others' -- when it went to great lengths to promote capitalism by commercializing many things, including various holidays, traditions, foods, and technologies. 

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