Cyneture Science


Basic Information
Type Science research corporation
Founded 1948
Headquarters Cyneture Maritime Complex, Varniche, Harbitros
Motto(s) •"Obliged to innovate for the good of man."

•"Obstacles hold no light to the pace of science."

Fields array Robotics, oceanography, marine biology, quantum physics, theoretical physics, weapon development, anomalous materials research, nuclear fusion, hydrofusion, hydraulics, chemistry, parapsychology, pseudoscience, ufology

Cyneture Science is a Harbian science research corporation founded in the late 1940s to aid in the innovation iniative during the Sea Race, when the Corporatocracy competed against the United Soviette Republics to outdo the other in nautical technology and academia. Cyneture Science proved to be a valuable ally to the Corporatocracy after it and Harbitros North Engineering designed the first Discovery-class submarine, Big One. With the major success of the young organization, the Corporatocracy granted funds for a permanent research facility -- the Cyneture Maritime Complex. In the 1970s, however, Cyneture Science faced much controversy in the science, legal, and commercial communities for various reasons, some of which are classified to the public.

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