Daniel Harding
Eclipse Agent3
Date of birth Solmonath IV, 1967
Date of death Wintraend II, 2058
Nationality Alt Harbitros Flag2 Harbian
Concordian Flag Concordian
Family Teresa Sember (Ex-wife)
Place of residence Raleigh, Harbitros
Vinylla City, Domi Concordia
Occupation(s) Eclipse Agent
NDI Coalitionist
Yearly income est. $125,600 (by 2050)
Gender Male
Race Friivian
Height 1.77 meters
Hair colour Taupe
Handedness Right-handed
Blood type AB+

Daniel Harding was an Eclipse Agent originally operating as a first responder to largescale crime. However, he was promoted for his achievements of gaining valuable intelligence from a former criminal, in exchange for freedom, relocation, and a new life. In 2011, he was stationed in Vinylla City -- Domi Concordia's capital city -- to aid the National Department of Inquiry (NDI), and to secretly gain intelligence and keep tabs on the Concordian government and its bureaucracy for the Harbian Corporatocracy. 

In the 2040s, Daniel retired from the Harbian Eclipse Agency and spent the rest of life in either of his two homes. He died in 2058.