Darbicus' Resistance Junta

Child Soldiers2

General Information
Headquarters Somehwere in Gadida
Motto "The Tinder to spark Insurrection."
Budget c. $880 miillion (by 2016)
General Darbicus (1973-2016)
Military age N/A, a large majority of the infantry is composed of child soldiers varying from 9-18 years of age.
Active personnel 51,890

•Western Gahnia War (1974)

•Gadidan Border Crisis (1976)

•First Gahnian Civil War (1978-1984)

•Second Gahnian Civil War (1985-1994)

•Limbanese War (1993-1996)

•Mother's Rootage War (2010-2012)

•The Gadidan-Gahnian War (2014-2018)

Darbicus' Resistance Junta was an unofficial militant organization founded and led by Darbicus, an Aphrostan warlord. Darbicus' army has received international controversy and skepticism, regarding his conscription and use of child soldiers. In 2016, Darbicus mysteriously vanished during the Gadidan-Gahnian War, causing his army to ineivtably disband and dissolute without command.