Darga "the Butcher"
Date of birth c. 1917
Date of death Solmonath XVIII, 1982
Nationality Drushian, South
Occupation(s) Head of Defense of South Drushia, South Drushia's Personal Enforcer
Gender Male
Race Drushivic
Height 1.74 meters
Hair colour Dark brown
Handedness Ambidextrous
 Darga the Butcher is a notable figure during the Drushian wars in the Cold War. Darga was one of the prominent members and commanders in the Drushian Fringe -- a rebellion organization against the communist government of Drushia. He was nicknamed "the Butcher" by the communist forces during the Drushian Civil War for his unrelentlessly successful campaigns against communist advances, slaughtering the enemy's numbers en masse, many by his own hand. When the Republic of South Drushia was founded after the civil war, he was promoted to the Head of Defense for the republic, as well as the government's personal enforcer. During the First Drushian War, Darga lost his leg when a mortar landed a meter from him. He replaced it with a pegleg after recuperation, and was once again leading forces in the Second Drushian War. 

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