DeCastle Industries

DeCastle Logo

Basic Information
Type International corporation
Industry •Explosives

•Construction equipment

•Household appliances


Founded 1941
Founder Zachariah DeCastle
Headquarters Olrence, Novasta, Harbitros
Area served Worldwide
Key individuals

•Evan Reyford (President)

•John Tess (CEO)

Products Explosives, various construction equipment and vehicles, household appliances, furniture, decorations
Services Repairing brand equipment and appliances
Revenue c. $6.2 billion (as of 2085)
Number of employees 61,081 (as of 2085)

DeCastle Industries is an international corporation founded by Zachariah DeCastle in the 1940s to manufacture household appliances, such as refridgerators and ovens -- as well as furniture, like beds and couches. However, when Scott Noble became the new president of DeCastle Industries in 2049, he made room for the corporation to all manufacture uniquely made explosives and construction equipment. Since the expansion of DeCastle's range of industries, the company has become even more popular.

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