General Information
Constructed Wintraend XXI, 1770
Classification Beach town
Location Information
Country Harbitros
Demesne Auldcrest
Societal Information
Population c. 2,063 (As of 2085)
Demonym Deepshorian

Deepshore is a small coastal town in the Harbian demesne of Auldcrest. It was built in the early 1770s, and is nationally -- and even internationally -- renowned for its mystery, specifically that of its almost unshakeable relation to the supernatural and unknown. Cryptzoologists and supernatural fanatics constantly list Deepshore as one of Harbitros' top spots to visit. Worldfamous cryptozoologist Robert Mortimer once described his hometown as being a hotspot for supernatural activity and cryptid presences. This was the reason for him taking the profession of professional investigator.

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