The Desmoth Siege, also referred to as the Desmoth Massacre and the Battle in Desmoth, was a military operation waged by the Harbian Eclipse Agency against the residents of the Arme Selax Compound near the town of Desmoth, Renshaw.

Desmoth Siege
Harbian Siege

HEA Operations


Nahvidax'k'ver VII, 1996


Desmoth, Renshaw, Harbitros

  • The Arme Selax Compound is burned to the ground
  • The survivors are arrested by the Harbian Eclipse Agency

Alt Harbitros Flag2 The Corporatocracy of Harbitros

  • HEA Seal Harbian Eclipse Agency

Suvion Order flag updated Suvion Order of Collectivism

  • HEA Seal Seth Baxter
  • HEA Seal Trey Gregory
  • Suvion Order flag updated Ricky Plyes
  • Suvion Order flag updated Amanda Wiles

Harbian Eclipse Agency

  • 120 operatives
  • 3 helicopters

Suvion Order

  • 640 members

1 (5 wounded)

est. 600

The Siege

On Nahvidax'k'ver VII, a taskforce of agents and operatives from the Harbian Eclipse Agency traveled to Desmoth, Renshaw, to siege a compound full of supposed communists by the name of the Suvion Order of Collectivism. When Amanda Wiles, a ranking member of the order, refused to open the Arme Selax Compound's doors to the agents, they retaliated by firing detonating the front door. Immediately, the agents were met by gunfire from the collectivists. A large firefight broke out around the compound, with agents and cultists firing at eachother. During the chaos, an HEA helicopter mistook orders and fired several napalm-filled rockets onto the roof of the compound, immediately setting it ablaze. By the end of the battle, over 600 Suvion members had died either from burning alive or being shot by agents. In juxtapose, only one agent was killed and five were wounded. The remaining Suvion collectivists were incarcerated. 

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