Devett Turf Shootout

Psunion City Turf War, Civil Unrest in Vadrea


Junith XXIII, 2059


Devett Street, Psunion City, Vadrea

  • Devett Street is claimed by Famille de Sang
  • Sordida Facies loses influence in the surrounding area
  • Collateral damage to property

Famille de Sang

Sordida Facies


Alphonso Chaucer

Marius Wenzel


Famille de Sang

  • 11 footsoldiers
  • 5 cars

Sordida Facies

  • 27 footsoldiers
  • 7 cars



 The Devett Turf Shootout, or the Battle of Devett Street, was a turf conflict between the criminal syndicate Famille de Sang and the Vadrean gang Sordida Facies. The battle took place on Devett Street, which is located on the northwestern side of Psunion City, Vadrea.

The Battle

On Junith XXIII, 2059, the Famille de Sang's leader, Alphonso Chaucer, sent a small group of footsoldiers to capture a street under the hold of Marius Wenzel's gang Sordida Facies. Upon arriving around 8:17 PM, the invading footsoldiers opened fire on a group of three Facies members. The sound of gunfire attracted the attention of other gang members, who began opening fire. After a continuous firefight that lasted seven minutes, over 10 SF footsoldiers had been killed. The remaining retreated in cars or in foot -- or surrendered to the FDS. Shortly thereafter, a larger group of footsoldiers entered the area and began to fill the vacant positions held by the Sordida Facies personnel. 

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