Discovery-class Submarine


Basic Information
Manufacturer Cyneture Science, Harbitros North Engineering
Type Exploratory submarine
Production 1955-2045
Number built 20 (by 2045)
Length 204 meters
Speed 20 knots (surfaced)

36 knots (submerged)

Endurance 145+ days

The Discovery-class submarine is a large submarine constructed by Harbitros North Engineering during the Sea Race in the early Cold War. After successful testing, a marine biology expedition team traveled in the first serial dubbed Big One. On a fourth month expedition within the oceans of Crims' Expanse and the Seas of Ice, the marine team discovered several new marine species such as the Crims' Prelim Lobster. Throughout the rest of the Cold War, the Discovery-class submarine was used for further research and exploration, as well as espionage against the USR

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