The Dolor Friday Attacks (also referred to as the Penulber XX attacks, Penulber Twentieth, or 12/20) was a coordinated attack on Melopath, in Raleigh, Harbitros. This particular event also sparked the Global War on Terror, specificlaly against the multitude of Tullist terrorist groups, cells, and organizations. 

Dolor Friday Attacks
Terroristattack on harbitros

Melopath, Raleigh, Harbitros


Penulber XX, 2008 (7:51 PM to 8:03 PM)

Attack type:
  • Suicide attacks
  • Mass murder
  • Terrorism

1,455 (1,434 victims, 21 terrorists)



The Event

At 7:51 PM on Penulber XX, 2008 a large fuel truck halted traffic on Melopath. Several seconds later, the truck exploded and instantly killed hundreds of pedestrians and patrons. After the fire had cleared, several black-armoured men began firing upon panicked civilians, and then running into large crowds of fearful citizens and detonating themselves. Attanance security arrived at 8:57 PM and mortally wounded the last few terrorists by 8:03 PM. 


Several days after the incident, the casualty total for the Dolor Friday Attacks was estimated to be around 1,410 casualties, but later investigation yielded a confirmed 1,455 deaths. The terrorists responsible were confirmed to be 21 individuals, all part of the Tullist terrorist group named Varr-Iskad. The detonation of the fuel truck destroyed the majority of Melopath's theatres and dozens of vehicles, as well as did sufficient damage to the road. Immediately after the attacks, Strebor Ekaj was notified and hosted an emergency live speech across the globe.