Domi Concordia
Concordian Flag
Political information
Classification Federal constitutional stratocracy
Currency Promiterum
Demonym Concordian
National Animal Jackalope
National Language(s) Mor Friivish (Primary)

Latin (Secondary)

Capital City Vinylla City
Largest City Clareview
Leader Embattled Governess Viktoria Dunwall-Smythe
GDP $75.4 trillion (as of 2120)
National Religion Theoavarism
Geographical Description
Horizontal width 3,295.82 km
Vertical length 8,756.55 km
Total Area 9,365,788.2 sq. km
Continent Baecca
Borders Cesieteos, Qascua, Orem Magna, San Locura, Tourano
Oceanic Coasts Frofem Abyss, Hyperbean Ocean, White Ocean, Zocuric Ocean
Biomes Desert, forests, mountains, grasslands
Population c. 1.4 billion (as of 2120)
Miscellaneous information
Motto "War is Peace."
Drives on the Left
Dependencies Mons Insula
Time Zone (UTC-9 to -5)
Calling Code +5
Member of Atonement of Harmony, Capitalist Sanction, Baeccan Syndicate

Domi Concordia is a stratocracy on the continent of Baecca. Concordia was founded in 1746 after separating from the Kingdom of Zeiifunder in a war for independence. The nation was officially reorganized into a Stratocracy following Donald Rel Dey and the Concordian Armed Forces' nonviolent takeover in the 1950s. Concordia has the largest military on Junope, composed of over 50 million active soldiers, law enforcement, and coast guards.

In 2042 Embattled Governour Alexander Dunwall founded the Baeccan Syndicate with Ishimoto Tatsuya.


Domi Concordia was founded in 1745 after the Concord rebel leaders drafted a constitution for an independent nation, as well as its declaration of independence during the Concordian War for Independence. The following year, it officially broke away from Zeiifunder. From then until the mid-1750s, Domi Concordia then began to build up its political, economic, and societal infrastructure -- as well as erect a permanent and official military. In 1757, longing to gain more influence, resources, and land, Domi Concordia forcibly annexed Convolusia, and invaded the kingdoms and tribes of Aphrostan. Within the same year, Concordia emerged victorious and permanently absorbed Convolusia and replaced it with states. In 1904, however, rebellions and combined efforts throughout Aphrostan successfully toppled the Concordian apartheid and forced Domi Concordia off of the subcontinent. 


Main Article: Economy of Domi Concordia

Domi Concordia's economy is heavily focused and based around capitalism. This is due to the events of the early Cold War, in which the Corporatocracy of Harbitros helped Domi Concordia's militarization in exchange for the promotion and adoption of a strong, capitalist economy. It is also the most successful economy on Baecca, having an overall networth of $138.7 trillion as of 2051.


The government of Domi Concordia is a Stratocracy. The Stratocracy is headed by the Embattled Governour and the Concordian Armed Forces’ five branch chiefs, with high-ranking military personnel and advisors underneath.

Each state is able to elect a representative to give fair input from the populace within the Stratocracy, however in the event of a conflict of interest, military personnel input outweighs the input of the representatives.

The position of Embattled Governour is held until death, and is passed on to the next of kin, or eligible relative. In the event of a wartime death, the next in the chain of command will temporarily supersede the position until a suitable permanent replacement is available.

List of Concordian States

Name Abbr. Capital Largest city Statehood Population (2060 est.)
Concord CN Vinylla City Vinylla City Penulber XIV, 1745 132.4 million
Gula GA Memoria Brezniik XIII, 1789 44.6 million
Luxuria LU Cherryfield Vanburgh Hallowtempora XXI, 1767 122.3 million
Ira IA Aestus Aestus Hallowtempora III, 1780 63.9 million
Miristros MI Clareview Ivywood Aeostril VIII, 1757 110.9 million
Harena Maris HM Invidia Threshannual XXVIII, 1776 51.6 million
East Asundera EA Arctis Koezrumont Quintillitus XXVIII, 1748 102.3 million
West Asundera WA Vitra Okreikhego Quintillitus XXII, 1753 95.4 million
Omissa Isua OI Sepreindus XVII, 1787 32.7 million
Caritas CA Arbitrium Wintraend X, 1771 68.5 million
Aurea Terras AT Great Gimsby Great Gimsby Wintraend XV, 1752 117.6 million
Amare AM Roseview Proelio Quintillitus III, 1755 74.8 million
Vigilate VI Libertatem Libertatem Nahvidax'k'ver XII, 1754 72.1 million
Laeta LA Norrey Northon City Solmonath XII, 1764 79.6 million
Dahlia DH Easthaven Decorus Baey XXVIII, 1752 111.4 million