Dragon skeleton

Kingdom Animalia
Genus Draconus
Indigenous to Isteroxe and Baecca

Dragons, scientifically Draconus, were once a genus of winged dinosaurs that roamed Junope during the Jurassic Period, and sometime afterward. Many species of dragons existed, such as Draconus ustrina -- which could disperse fire out of its mouth. The existence of dragons was a topic of controversy and much debate until 2085, when the Corporatocracy of Harbitros published several documents and records detailing the historical existence and extinction of dragons. The documents were declassified by the command of the disappeared Strebor Ekaj. All dragon fossils discovered by palaeontologists infer that dragons only existed on Isteroxe and Baecca, likely when they were a supercontinent.

The following are the confirmed species of Dragon:

  • D. acipenser
  • D. gemellus
  • D. hydrus
  • D. minutulus
  • D. mons
  • D. praegrandis
  • D. scopulus
  • D. squammae
  • D. solidus
  • D. ustrina
  • D. vipera
  • D. virga

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