Dread-Eye in 2050
Date of birth Lamenthrobust IV, 1987
Date of death 2056
Nationality Alt Harbitros Flag2 Harbian (formerly)
Place of residence •Kassady, Clairedank, Harbitros (formerly)

•Fin del Camino

Occupation(s) Former representative for Harbian Cargo Logistics
Gender Male
Race Friivian
Height 1.68 meters
Hair colour Brown
Handedness Left-handed
 John "Dread-Eye" Poraire, commonly referred to as Dread-Eye, was formerly a representative for Harbian Cargo Logistics -- until a 2013 flight from Harbitros to New Vaeulia ended in a crash in the midst of the Zocuric Ocean, leaving him stranded in the ocean. Despite the odds of John surviving, he managed in doing so. The Harbian found his way to the shore of a small, forested archipelago.

Dread Eye Man

Dread-Eye stranded in 2013

The only true bodily harm John received during the crash was his eye being scarred by debris. This left him permanently blind in his right eye, which called for the need for an eyepatch. Such an accessory led to his colloquial name of "Dread-Eye". After managing to survive by scavenging food and clean, digestible liquid for several months, the stranded Harbian was able to sail to a larger island near the one he was placed on. Upon this larger landmass, Dread-Eye discovered a tribe of natives who wielded stone age-caliber technology. Due to his eyepatch and his paler skin (in comparison to the natives'), they saw the Harbian as a deity, and thus referred to him as Gra'ar'tsik-iad ("the dread eye god" in their language).

After being treated as a divine being for several years, John Poraire developed a megalomaniacal grandeur of himself, and became comfortable in his situation. In late 2015, a rescue crew discovered the whereabouts of Dread-Eye, which was known to be the archipelago of Fin del Camino. The crew failed to persuade John in returning to Harbitros, however, and so they left him to his own devices.

Return to Civilization

In 2050, the stateless military organization Extrema Caeli invaded Fin del Camino and tried to enslave the natives. However, John Poraire refused and soon a battle sparked, which was overwhelmingly in the favour of Extrema Caeli. The natives were soon entirely killed by the invaders' superior tactics and weaponry. Dread-Eye, however, killed as many EC personnel as he could, and even wounded the second-in-commander -- Mohzeus Maliroy. However, he was simply not able to deter the EC, and watched in sheer horror as his home for the last 30 years was set ablaze. However, a day into the garguantuan flames and smoke that emitted from the burning foliage, a Concordian patrol vessel was alerted and anchored onto Fin del Camino. The vessel's captain then forced Dread-Eye into his boat, seeing that the former Harbian was in a state of grief and panic. The Concordian then brought Dread-Eye to Domi Concordia, and ipso facto, civilization.

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