East Roulasvia

Roulasvia Flag

Political Information
Classification Constitutional republic
Currency IU Banknote
Demonym Roulasvian
National Animal Lion
National Language(s) Larush, Bapharu
Capital City Molitva
Largest City Teras
Leader Jelena Selakov
National Religion Fatalism
Geographical Description
Continent Isteroxe
Borders Bellaluna, Cereus, Dagio, Khuigyra, Tieuxberia, West Roulasvia
Biomes Mountains, forests, grasslands
Population c. 34.2 million as of 2085
Miscellaneous Information
Motto "Let our history shine proudly!"
Drives on the Right
Time zone (UTC+7)
Calling code +241
Member of Atonement of Harmony

East Roulasvia is a nation located in the eastern portion of the Isteroxean region of Baphara. In 2049, it faced great societal tension with separatist movements throughout the nation calling for secession. Later on within 2049, the Roulasvian Civil War erupted and caused the nation to split in two.

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