Harbitros' Economy

Harbian Credit Symbol

Basic Information
Rank 1st
Currency Harbian Credit (ȿ) (H$)
Fiscal Year Begins Penulber I
GDP $53.5 trillion (as of 2085)
GDP per Capita $62,236.31 (as of 2085)
GDP by Sector

•Agriculture: 3%

•Industry: 43.6%

•Services: 54.4%

Working Class 2.09 billion (as of 2085)
Unemployment 2.46% (as of 2085)
Average Gross Salary $68,438.24
Main Industries Steam, Steel, Petroleum, Hydrofusion, Motor vehicles, Aerovehicles, Entertainment, Fashion, Cosmetics, Telecommunications, Firearms & Artillery, Nuclear weapons, Medicines, Augmentations & bionics, Robotics, Chemicals, Electronics, Food processing, Consumer goods, Mining
Exports $21.403 trillion (as of 2085)
Main Export Partners

Domi Concordia

San Locura


New Vaeulia


Imports $17.37 trillion (as of 2085)
Main Import Partners



Domi Concordia

San Locura

Lishta Azia

Public Finances
Tax Rate 0%
Budget Deficit Null
Credit Rating

•AAA+ (Domestic)

•AAA+ (Foreign)

•AAA+ (AoH Credit Score)

The Economy of Harbitros is the largest and most capitalist economy on all of Junope. It is also the most flourishing and rapidly expanding. 

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