Ekaj Autonetics International

Ekaj Autonetics Logo New2

Basic Information
Type International corporation




•Artificial intelligence

•Biomechanical augmentation



•Consumer electronics

•Military-grade electronics

Founded Brezniik IV, 1989 in Aeonsanx, Harbitros
Founder Strebor Ekaj
Headquarters El Tempus, Harbitros
Area served Worldwide
Key individuals

•Reginald Ekaj (President)

•Maddie Kelman (CEO)

•Mason Edwards (Chairman)

•Lilah Forfonte (Representative)

Products Bionic & cybernetic augmentations, Schism (Computer system), nanites, numerous other products
Services Medical augmenting, AI & robotic programming, Bionic & cybernetic eugenics, Internet service, Internet search engine, nanosurgery, nanotherapy
Revenue c. $865.5 billion (as of 2090)
Number of employees 438,054 (as of 2090)

Ekaj Autonetics International was an international corporation founded by Strebor Ekaj in 1989 that focused on developing advanced robotics, autonetics, artificial intelligences, and eventually transhuman eugenics such as bionic and cybernetic augmentations. 

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