Emil Briar
Emil Briar Real
Date of birth Hallowtempora XI, 2005
Date of death Quintillitus VII, 2049
Nationality Machinam flag Machinish
Place of residence Raritag, Machinam
Occupation(s) Prezidant of Machinam
Yearly income est. $11.9 million (as of 2048)
Gender Male
Race Friivian
Height 1.74 meters
Hair colour Brown
Handedness Right-handed
Emil Briar was the Federational Prezidant of Machinam from 2029 to 2049. He upkept the totalitarian, communist condition of his country, though allowed for freer trade across Junope. Likewise, Emil Briar also slightly raised the domestic economic freedoms of its denizens, but still heavily maintained the state's superiority in the economy -- which caused Machinam to be technically classified as state capitalist. 

However, in Quintillitus of 2049 Emil Briar was mysteriously assassinated. His sudden death caused massive backlash within the Federation of Machinam, which ultimately resulted in civil war erupting, as various fringe groups aimed to take control of the leaderless state.