Eor Stragsden
Date of birth c. 2045
Date of death Lamenthrobust XXII, 2083
Nationality Jelunia Flag Jelunian (formerly)
Place of residence Onzième Ranch
Occupation(s) Supreme Commander and former Second-hand of the Caeli Holdouts
Gender Male
Race Jeruvian
Height 2.07 meters
Modifications Mechanical augmentations:
  • Crude tri-retinal visual sensors
  • Bionic circulatory system
  • Skin cover prosthetic arm
  • Crude prosthetic arm
  • Experimental arm-mounted laser cannon

Eor Stragsden, also known as simply Stragsden and One-Eye Eor, was a major indvidiaul in the ranks of the Caeli Holdouts. He was a Jelunian citizen who was largely affected by the economic recessions that faced Jelunia and parts of the Isteroxean Union during the 2060s, and was gravely wounded and malformed by the violence created after the events of the 2071 Höllenkurier Crisis. Growing up in a nation that was rapidly deteriorating socially and economically, Eor began to resent Jelunia, the Isteroxean Unions, and nations as a whole. He discovered the existence of the Caeli Holdouts through the Ghost Web, and joined them shortly thereafter. They helped him recover from his injuries, and outfitted him with biomechanical augmentations

At the end of the 2083 Cascade of Terror, Eor Stragsden became the Caeli Holdouts' new leader after Proviso Dorva and the Regulators betray Mohzeus Maliroy, and executed him publicly. Eor was killed later that year during Operation Black Deluge, by the XB-81 Tau Accelerator.

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