Eos-II Beam Rifle
Basic information
Type Experimental sustained, rapid-fire laserbeam rifle
Place of origin Harbitros
In service 2071-present
Used by Harbitros
Production history
Designer Casanovus Incorporated, Endswood Ordnance, Project Prismbeam Research Committee
Designed 2067-present
Manufacturer Endswood Ordnance
Number Built 74
 The Eos-II Beam Rifle is the direct successor to the Eos-I beam rifle. It was designed in tandem by Project Prismbeam and the Alpha-Dawn Megaindustrial Conglomerate. Similar to its predecessor, the Eos-II beam rifle is able to rapidly fire short bursts of laserbeams. However, new to this version is that the Eos-II is able to discharge a sustained laserbeam able to melt through one foot of solid steel when focused in one area for long enough. Its laser bursts are also more powerful than the Eos-I rifle.

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