Eulas Krarev
Suchaz Leader
Date of birth Baey XII, 1997
Date of death Brezniik XIII, 2093
Nationality Suchaz Flag Suchese
Place of residence Fha Izeo, Suchaz
Occupation(s) Former Eminent Curator of Suchaz
Yearly income est. $125,000 (by 2057)
Religion Zhra Beilu
Gender Male
Race Sucheze
Height 1.67 meters
Hair colour Grey (formerly black)
Handedness Right-handed
 Eulas Krarev was the Eminent Curator of Suchaz during the 2050s Fracas of Suchaz. He was elected into office in 2045, and had been well-received by the citizens of Suchaz until several months after the Machinish Civil War, when the imports from Machinam to Suchaz began to dwindle immensely (which also happened to be the majority of Suchaz's imports). The aforementioned event caused major fluctuations in Suchaz's economy and society, and sparked a major recession. The recession caused major social backlash in Suchaz -- eventually resulting in riots and other forms of civil unrest.

In early 2058, Eulas officially resigned as a result of stress from the ongoing Suchese fracas at the time.

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