Exosphere Paragon

Exosphere Paragon-withflair

Basic Information
Developer Baron Digital
Manufacturer Sledge Hardware
Type Private video game console pod
Generation Fifteenth generation
Release date •Wintraend I, 2023 (Avarice, eastern Isteroxe)

•Wintraend II, 2023 (Baecca, western Isteroxe)

•Wintraend IV, 2023 (Azium)

•Wintraend VII, 2023 (Weiosaya)

Discontinued Threshannual XXVIII, 2032
Introductory price $7,250
Units sold 34.4 million
Media DVD, CCC, Holocon, Internet
Memory 20 GB DDR3
Storage 15 TB, internal hard drive
Display 16K, 8K, and 4K
Sound 22.2 surround sound
Online services eSky Hub
Predecessor Exosphere

The Exosphere Paragon is a private video game console pod designed and developed by Baron Digital, a Harbian-based electronics corporation. It and its predecessor, the original Exosphere, are pioneers in the video game console pod sub-industry, wherein gamers sit inside the sphere-shaped game console to engage with their games. Besides video gaming, the Exosphere Paragon also allows the ability to surf the internet, watch DVDs and CCCs, and project fully three-dimensional holographic projections within the pod's sanctum. The device, due to its high price, is usually only bought by wealthier individuals or highly-invested gamers.

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