Extrema Caeli

Extrema Caeli logo2

General Information
Founded c. 2029
Dissoluted 2059
Headquarters Somewhere in the Western Islands
Motto "On the outskirts of Paradise and Perdition."
Ideologies Anti-western, anti-eastern, anti-nationalism, sacred art of war, Essiasism
Type •Stateless military

•Private military

•Ideological organization

Superior Commander Garnon Essias (2029-2059)
Field Marshal Mohzeus Maliroy (2030-2059; MIA)
Training Captain Aloyne Varveva (2034-2052)
Active personnel est. 59,000 (by 2059)

Extrema Caeli is a stateless private military composed of around 32,000 (130,000+ at peak) veterans and mercenaries from across Junope that were brought under a singular military unit founded by Garnon Essias. Its existence was to first and foremost bring forth many veterans whom have been mistreated by their nations or nations' citizens or to relive their glory days during wartime. The second objective of Extrema Caeli is to wreak havoc on "Paradise" and "Perdition" (former referring to Baecca and Avarice, latter referring to Isteroxe) and to ultimately teach them the true art and love of war. It is considered a terrorist organization by the Atonement of Harmony for its numerous sabotages and firefights against AoH Peacekeeping -- specifically in Azium and Aphrostan -- as well as against the Concordian Armed Forces, Legionnaire International, and even the Isteroxean Union's military.


Uniforms and Armour


An EC soldier wearing black and red body armour

Extrema Caeli originally had no set uniform, and its members wore anything protective in a combat situation. However, after the Mercenary Wars began, EC was able to pay for high-end, uniformed armour sets for its soldiers. These uniforms usually bear black, red, or both colours. Non-infantry individuals within EC usually wear their own type of clothing, though. 


Ec pv

A bantam forager

Most of the technology in the possession of Extrema Caeli are stolen or bought from the black market. This specifically includes the fighter jets, ships, tanks, and other military-grade vehicles EC holds. The stateless military also possesses various perdial voxi -- though all of it is stolen or reverse-engineered -- examples of this are the Bantam Forager. The EC also stole the third XS-101 Sonderonne, which is the most advanced fighter jet on Junope as of 2050. 

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