Basic Information
Place of origin N/A, created by Extrema Caeli
Year of creation Between 2052 and 2055
Purpose Mass murder, incitement of terror, instrument of agenda
Production History
Number built c. 23

Extrema Caeli "deathbots" are a series of makeshift droids created by the stateless military Extrema Caeli for the sole purpose of inciting fear and mass murder. It is unknown how EC managed to code or attain the artificial intelligence that the droids possess.

All of the deathbots are made out of scrap, but some of them bear human skulls in the place of faces. From the droids that have been seized by various law enforcement, the skulls have been determined to be real. 

In 2059, the remaining deathbots were all destroyed in the Vanburgh War, specifically by Concordian infantry and the Tragicomedy Unit .

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