Organizational Information
Title of Leader The Luminary in Khrysm City
Sects Ortodoxo, Nueva-era
Official Language(s) Larush
Affiliated Organizations Khrysm Agents of Kismet
Deities •Fate



Holy text(s) The Book of Fatalism
Historical Information
Date of Founding 1047
Continent of Founding Isteroxe

Fatalism is a faith that originates from near the end of Versienna's reign, that dictates that everyone has a particular fate, but it can be changed in "pivotal situations" in one's life. The concepts of fate, life, death, and moral light and moral darkness appear as omniscient deities within the beliefs of Fatalism, each playing parts in the overall path and destiny of each individual. The city-state of Khrysm City is devoted to Fatalism as a whole.