Flag of Harbitros

Alt Harbitros Flag2

Names Harbian Flag, Zircon Banner, Regal Waver
Colours Harbitros PurpleColourTrueWhite
Use National flag and ensign
Adopted Junith I, 1765
Design A white backdrop; three purple, horizontal stripes at the top of the flag in descending thickness; three purple, horizontal stripes at the bottom of the flag in ascending thickness; a purple Theoavarist zircon emblem centered on the flag

The Flag of Harbitros, commonly referred to as the Harbian Flag, is the national flag and ensign for the Corporatocracy of Harbitros. It was designed by the Theoavarists who fled from Zeiifunder to found the nation on Avarice. It represents economic liberty, wealth, and freedom -- all in accordance to Theoavarist lore and tradition. 

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