Gadidan-Gahnian War

Gadidan-Gahnian Conflicts




Gadida, Gahnia

  • Decisive Gahnian defeat
  • Gadida remains a sovereign state
  • Mass collateral damage and casualties on both sides
  • Darbicus' Resistance Junta dissolutes

Aphrostan Gadida Flag Gadida
Aphrostan Darbicus Resistance Junta Flag Darbicus' Resistance Junta

Aphrostan Gahnia Flag Gahnia

  • Aphrostan Gadida Flag Gerema Ulfrafra
  • Aphrostan Gadida Flag Det Aryn
  • Aphrostan Darbicus Resistance Junta Flag Darbicus
  • Aphrostan Gahnia Flag Gallund Maehe
  • Aphrostan Gahnia FlagFalruk Azert

Gadidan Military

  • 270,650 infantrymen
  • 88 tanks
  • 22 aircraft

Darbicus' Resistance Junta

  • 49,301 infantrymen
  • 8 tanks
  • 3 aircraft

Gahnian Military

  • est. 450,000 infantrymen
  • 147 tanks
  • 66 aircraft
  • est. 300,100 (mostly civilians)

est. 439,200 (mostly civilians)

 The Second Gadidan-Gahnian War, or more commonly known as simply the Gadidan-Gahnian War, was an extremely bloody and long-term war between the People's Republic of Gadida and the Republic of Gahnia. The war was kickstarted after a radical traditionalist was elected leader of Gahnia -- Gallund Maehe. President Maehe began militarization to annex the People's Republic of Gadida, as it was originally and historically part of Gahnia. On Junith XII, 2014, the Gahnian military invaded Gadida -- but were met with violent resistance. Over the course of the next four years, over 739,000 people -- mostly civilians -- would lose their lives.

During the final year of the Gadidan-Gahnian War, Darbicus fled Aphrostan, abandoning his army. He would later be found in Tieuxberia, practicing the Bohtani religion of Vesdai and living a new life of meditation and solitude.

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