Gadidan Border Crisis

Cold War, Gadidan-Gahnian Conflicts




Gadidan-Gahnian Border


Decisive Gadidan victory


Aphrostan Gadida Flag Gadida
Aphrostan Darbicus Resistance Junta Flag Darbicus' Resistance Junta

Aphrostan Gahnia Flag Gahnia

  • Aphrostan Gadida Flag Manfred Unim
  • Aphrostan Darbicus Resistance Junta Flag Darbicus
  • Aphrostan Gahnia Flag Sedd Dreare
  • Aphrostan Gahnia Flag Rilo SheShane

Gadidan Military

  • 21,000 infantrymen
  • 39 tanks
  • 8 aircraft

Darbicus' Resistance Junta

  • c. 12,820 (est. 35% child soldiers)
  • 1 tank

Gahnian Military

  • est. 70,000 infantrymen
  • 65 tanks
  • 39 aircraft
  • est. 9,500


 The Gadidan Border Crisis, also known as the First Gadidan-Gahnian War, was an attempt by the Communist State of Gahnia to annex its seceded province Gadida, which had declared its independence several years prior. The Gahnian military tried to invade Gadida across the border, but the offensive was met with a large massacre of Gahnian infantry, by hidden Gadidan tanks and soldiers in the plains of that region. The war lasted from Baey of 1976 until Hallowtempora of the following year, where all Gahnian attempts to cross the border were ceased.

Due to Darbicus and his resistance army being headquartered in Gadida, he aided the Gadidan military in defending his country from the communist forces.

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