Galvin Deyelles
Date of birth Threshannual II, 2049
Nationality Alt Harbitros Flag2 Harbian
Family Matthew Deyelles (Father)
Emily Deyelles (Mother)
Place of residence Nester, Mezzom, Harbitros
Occupation(s) Theoretical physicist for Harbian Eclipse Agency and Project Prismbeam
Yearly income est. $135,000 (as of 2085)
Religion Theoavarism
Gender Male
Race Friivian
Height 1.91 meters
Hair colour Blonde
Handedness Ambidextrous
 Galvin Deyelles was a theoretical physicist for the Harbian Eclipse Agency assigned to Project Prismbeam. Galvin is also the son of former Legion Highsee Matthew Deyelles. Galvin gained a doctorate in theoretical physics and a minor in electrophysics at the Clansdel Institute of Science in Providence, Vahlhurst. Upon graduating, he applied for the Harbian Eclipse Agency, as both he and his father agreed his intellect would be better suited aiding the HEA. The agency accepted and hired Galvin, and soon thereafter assigned him to work on the ongoing experiments and research in Project Prismbeam.

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