Game of Nature


Basic Information
Genre Reality game show
Created by Chris Susteen
Host(s) •Chris Susteen (2036-2046)

•Will Kanden (2046-2052)

Country of origin Domi Concordia
Original language(s)

Mor Friivish


No. of seasons 15
No. of episodes 307 +3 specials
Running time 49 minutes
Production company(s) Cog Television
Distributor Cog Television
Original channel Cog Network
Picture format

8640p (2036-2038)

17,280p (2038-2052)

Original run Sepreindus I, 2036 – 2052

Game of Nature is a Concordian reality game show created and originally hosted by Chris Susteen, a former training instructor in the Concordian Armed Forces. The show follows a group of 20 new participants each season, as they try to survive and endure nature and the environment. Each season features a brand new area for the competitors to try and survive in. There have only been two incidents of contestants dying in the show's history -- as they pushed themselves to beyond the limit rather than give up and forfeit the game.

The 20 contestants try to be the last remaining individual, as they are all competing to win $10 million dollars, a brand new home, an imported Harbian luxury car, and other varying rewards. 

Locations by Season

The following are the locations that each season takes place in:

  • Season One: Viscera (the Viscera Desert)
  • Season Two: The Bush (The Wadahna Bush in Olfros)
  • Season Three: Expedition Kooma (the Kooma Mountains in San Locura)
  • Season Four: Rodachain (the Rodachain archipelago)
  • Season Five: Westward to Winsch (Grand Winsch Desert in Harbitros)
  • Season Six: Virago Fever (the Virago Rainforest in geographical Larusia)
  • Season Seven: Island Survival (Uninhabited archipelago in the Zocuric Ocean)
  • Season Eight: Paroxys (Paroxys Massif in Harbitros)
  • Season Nine: Moonpine (Moonpine Forest in Harbitros)
  • Season Ten: Herutayan Trek (The Herutayas on Isteroxe)
  • Season Eleven: Island Wars (Uninhabited archipelago in the Antossic Divide)
  • Season Twelve: Suchaz (Wilderness of northwestern Suchaz)
  • Season Thirteen: Return to the Viscera (the Viscera Desert)
  • Season Fourteen: Asmaron (the Asmaronas on northeastern Isteroxe)
  • Season Fifteen: Timberlands (the Great Timberlands in Hyperbea)

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