Garnon Essias

Essias Old

Perdial Vox Suit2


Date of birth c. 2007
Date of death Wintraend I, 2059
Nationality Concordian Flag Concordian (Formerly)
Occupation(s) Founder and Superior Commander of Extrema Caeli
Gender Male
Race Friivian
Height 1.8 meters
Hair colour Black
Handedness Right-handed
Modifications Mechanical augmentations:
Cybernetic visual sensor

Garnon Essias is a Concordian-born male who founded the radical terrorist group Extrema Caeli around 2029, at the age of 22. Prior to its founding, he was a commando in the Concordian Armed Forces before deserting his position. During his military career, he developed a radical dogma against his nation. His ideologies expanded, eventually rendering his view of the continents Avarice, Baecca, and Isteroxe as great evils that must be stopped in order to preserve certain values, such as the art of war and unfettered liberties separated by nationalism. In 2045, Essias and his organization revealed themselves to the world after ambushing Harbian Legionnaire mercs in Aphrostan. The Corporatocracy responded by declaring war on him and his stateless military shortly thereafter, and was joined by the Atonement of Harmony and later the Isteroxean Union.

In 2052, Garnon Essias and Extrema Caeli faced a major defeat the weakened the entire infrastructure of his organization and goal. After going into hiding with Mohzeus Maliroy for several years aboard Caeli Trogotha, Garnon re-emerged in the mid-2050s and waged a retaliation campaign against his enemies -- beginning with Domi Concordia. However, in 2059, Essias and an army of over 40,000 EC personnel invaded the Concordian city of Vanburgh. Whilst within a massive perdial vox named PV Caeli Turrim, Essias caused mass destruction. However, as the battle in Vanburgh grew more intense, Alexander Dunwall entered the battle and faced against Essias' perdial vox. After it was destroyed, Garnon Essias met Alexander Dunwall on the battlefield in unique Perdial Power Armour, and the two battled for several hours -- unable to damage each others' impervious armour. However, a Groundbreaker-class aership arrived to the battle, and shot Essias with a highly powerful laser beam, breaking the armour open and severely wounding and disfiguring him. The dying Essias was confronted by Alexander and shot in the head.s

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