Essias' Power Armour

Perdial Vox Suit2

Basic Information
Affiliation Extrema Caeli
Type Intraugmized power armour
Designer(s) Unknown
Designed N/A
Number built 1 (by 2059)
Used by Garnon Essias
Height 4.9 meters

Garnon Essias' perdial power armour, also known as the Essias Power Armour, was a highly advanced power armour with similarities to a perdial vox, thus making it the first of its kind. After Essias, in the armour, was defeated during the Vanburgh War, the remnants of the apparatus were saved by the Corporatocracy of Harbitros and later reverse-engineered. This would allow Harbitros to study and replicate the armour's abilities and traits, thus allowing a generation of perdial power armour to be created in the future. 

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