Glade Sunderval

Man in the Armour


Date of birth Sepreindus IX, 2028
Nationality Alt Harbitros Flag2 Harbian
Occupation(s) Former member of the Regulators, former chairman and nanotechnology administrator for Omniverge Multinational, former Ekaj Autonetics International employee, former Project Prismbeam physicist
Yearly income est. $3.1 million (by 2076)
Gender Male
Race Aphro-friivian
Height 1.78 meters (1.9 in cryosuit)
Hair colour Black
Handedness Right-handed
Modifications Mechanical augmentations:
Circulatory administration nanites

Glade Sunderval was a Harbian who was the CEO of Omniverge Multinational -- as well as an administrator for the nanotechnology department of the corporation. Prior to being hired by Toby Everson, Glade was an employee for Ekaj Autonetics International. Before this occupation, Sunderval worked on Project Prismbeam as a physicist due to him graduating with a major in optronics. In 2070, Glade was diagnosed with stage IV skin cancer. Not wanting to die, Glade began preparations to at least delay or stall the cancer utilizing the technology at Omniverge, as well as his own knowledge of biomechanical augmentation. From 2072 to 2075, Glade constructed a highly advanced cryogenic power suit that would freeze his skin and most of his non-necessary body parts in order to stop the spread of his cancer. Sunderval nicknamed his suit the "cryosuit". In order to prevent his blood from freezing, thus killing him or placing him into an indefinite cryosleep, Glade also injected himself with specially programmed nanites secretly taken from his occupation. These nanites were programmed to constantly stabilize the temperature of his blood and vital organs to ensure he would not totally freeze.

However, in 2076 the cure for cancer was announced to have been discovered -- nullifying the use of his cryosuit and making his attempts at surviving seem in vain. This discovery infuriated Glade -- whom permanently crippled his body by causing it to depend on nanites and his cryosuit. In his fury, Sunderval trashed his office at Omniverge's headquarters and fled. From 2077 until 2083, Glade Sunderval was missing. However, he reappeared with the self-proclaimed 'regulators' during the 2083 Cascade of Terror. Sunderval became missing again after being wounded by the XB-81 Tau Accelerator during Operation Black Deluge.

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