Glass Shores

Harbian beachtown

General Information
Constructed Penulber XXIV, 1768
Classification Beach town
Location Information
Country Harbitros
Demesne New Kertas
Notable locations

•Bottlecap Beach

•Gift Shop Walk

•Glass Shores Marketplace

•Sandstone Plaza

Societal Information
Population est. 4,200 (As of 2085)

•Resident of Glass Shores

•Glass Shores Denizen

Glass Shores is a small beachtown located on an archipelago near and connected to the coast of New Kertas, Harbitros. The town was originally founded in 1768, but only as a small outpost. The town was not commercialized until the early 1900s. When Eularbia diverged in 1919, several small towns and communities throughout Harbitros began to pop up across Avarice as a mass of immigrants from Eulumia left with Harbitros -- one of these towns being Glass Shores. Since then, Glass Shores has existed as a tourist attraction and has received millions of tourists and visitors, eclipsing its residential population by hundreds of times over.

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