Glimmer Grottoes

Glimmer Grottoes

Countries Espinthela
Biome Underground bioluminescent ecosystem

The Glimmer Grottoes are a large series of semi-submerged caverns near the northwestern coast of Espinthela. It was discovered by Espinthelan biologists in the late 1800s. Within the Glimmer Grottoes are giant, bioluminescent mushrooms and other forms of glowing fungus. Likewise, the cave system gives life to various bioluminescent creatures, such as the Shimmerbright Worm and the Nebusul. The Glimmer Grottoes is the only known underground ecosystem of its kind to exist, and similarly the only place on Junope where the species within its environment live and subsist. Also, ancient ruins of unknown origin are scattered throughout the fungus-filled caves. Due to its uniqueness and beauty, it attracts many tourists annually.

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